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KD Packaging offers protective packaging in any size or degree of complexity by bringing all the components together that make up the design. We produce small quantity, large production lots and everything in between. Our designers are equipped with the latest in CAD design programs, CNC routers, Water Jet Cutters, Convoluters, and Multi-Ton Die Cutting Equipment.Our expertise with Foam, Corrugated, Wood, Plastic Fluted corrugated, Thermoforming, VCI and Barrier Materials, Honeycomb, Chip Board Partitions, Industrial Cases, Medical Grade Foams, and Cold Chain shippers, allow us to design a complete package for shipment. Whether you are looking for a returnable / Reusable concept, Sustainable packaging, or have needs that require medical, military Spec Packaging, or industrial cases, KD Packaging provides the highest levels of craftsmanship, dependable service and quality. We are dedicated and committed to offer our customers the best solution for your packaging needs.


  • Protective Foam Cushioning: End Caps, Top and Bottom Foam Cushions, and Case Inserts
  • Convoluted Foam Sheets and Die Cuts
  • Medical Grade Foams
  • Plastic Fluted Corrugated: Partition Sets, Internal Dunnage for Totes and Bulk Containers, and Custom Plastic Fluted Corrugated Returnable Containers
  • Assembling / Kitting / Fulfillment
  • Wooden Crates, Skids, Hardwood Pallets, Shock-Mounted Skids and Combo Packs
  • Cold Chain Packaging Solutions
  • VCI and Barrier Materials
  • Industrial Cases: Injection molded and Rotomolded
  • In-Line Thermoforming and Heavy Gauge Vacuum Forming.
  • Returnable Packaging
  • Injection Molded Totes and Bulk Containers
  • Corrugated Containers, From Triple Wall to Micro flute Corrugated, B, E, F, and N Flute.
  • Honeycomb Die Cuts, Cookie Cut, and Sheets.
  • Chip Board Partitions.

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